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If you spend a lot of time in SQL Server Management Studio, you will love this tool as many of our customers do.


Do you spend your time coding in SQL?...

We too and we found that many operations are quite boring and can be better done by computer then a human, like those CRUD stored procedures you write for every project or data exports and imports. And we decided to make our work more productive and coding more fun.

This is how SSMS Coder was born. It will let you create custom code templates and attach them to table, view or database. SSMS Coder will use that template to quickly generate custom code for you or a specific script using SQL meta data as input model.

Data Export

Do you need a flexible template to generate Insert statements from SQL table, export it to csv or directly to Excel to make business happy. SSMS Coder can do just that for you..

Sample Data

Did you just created a brand new data base and need to fill it with some data to start testing. SSMS coder can fill your tables with good looking postal addresses, people names, valid dates and other good stuff so you ready for testing..

Custom Code

Your new client has some specific coding standars and require all stored procedures to be well commented. Just update the CRUD template and regenerate all stored procedures and do not forget to mention to your manager that you were working whole weekend on that.

Flexible Pricing

Please select an option that will satisfy your coding needs.

  • Evaluation

  • FREE

  • Up to 100 rows on all export operations
  • Up to 5 Custom templates
  • Up to 100 rows for data population
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade to new Versions

  • Standard

  • $29

  • Unlimited export operations
  • Up to 50 Custom templates
  • Up to 10000 rows for data population
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade to new Versions
  • Request Templates and Code from Market Place
  • Expert

  • $99

  • Unlimited export operations
  • Up to 1000 Custom templates
  • Up to 100000 rows for data population
  • Email Support
  • Free Upgrade to new Versions
  • Ability to publish Templates and Code to Market Place
  • Enterprise

  • $995

  • All Features of Expert
  • Unlimited installations
  • Email and Phone Support


It is a neat tool. I gave it a try and kind of like it..
Jerry Williams

I am not realy a SQL developer but an ability to export the data quickly to Excel is priceless.
Sara Corrida

I comapred few SQL addins and found this one fitting most of my needs. Would totaly recommend it to a friend.
Arina Vladi

I love code generation. And SSMS Coder is just a tool for that. Yet to try the Marketplace feature, looking forward to it.
Mark Moor

Latest News

We continue to write new features and templates for SSMS Coder.If you feel that any-thing missing or could be usefull for other users please let us know, we are here to make it a one great tool.

SQL Market Place ...

Do you ever have a feeling that there are just not enough time in a day? Would you buy a cup of coffee to some other developer who would write that stored procedure or function for you? The market place is just for that it will allow you to submit a request for a template, script or SQL function and other experts with more free time will write it for you. At the end of the day every-one is happy as long as we have our coffee.

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Custom Templates

Ready to build custom templates and use SQL metadata to generate your own code? Enxtensive object model is provided for you to enumerate tables, views, fields and generate code optimized for your particular project and coding standards..

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